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Tenley got this cupcake decorating set for her birthday last year and has had so much fun with it-it is totally adorable!


Amazing Race

My friend Jillisa has pretty much the coolest family that I have ever seen, and they put together a little Layton amazing race for us to go on. We got clues and had to drive around the city to find them it was so so fun and a perfect date night. We came in 3rd but I am ok with that because I didn't have to eat crickets:)
This is me having to make a pyramid with 5 random people in Wal-Mart.


Dog Whisperer

Move over Cesar, Pacey is hot on your tail! Dogs love him, when he is gone his little Max sulks around the house and is depressed, and both his doggies sleep in his bed with him.


Pumpkin Patch

We were lucky this year to be able to do the good old hayride to the pumpkin patch with Davis Hospital, the kids had fun and the dirt was nice and muddy so my boots looked awesome after. We got to go into the patch and pick our pumpkins and all the little kids decided to pick one as big as they were so me and JBJ got to carry to huge pumpkins each-they made awesome jack-o-lanterns though.


Birthday Birthday

My cute friends threw me a little suprise party for my birthday-they are so cute and I am so happy that they let this granny hang out with them.

I love me some JBJ!

I love my husband just in case anyone was wondering and I love that he takes me on dates-it is so nice to have our alone time together I cherish it, and JBJ if you are reading this I LOVE YOU!
A couple dates to the car races and hitting golf balls at Swan Lakes.


My baby girl is so big I can't believe how fast she has grown it makes me sad when I see a picture like this. She is my big big girl.